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Written and directed a fundraising project to help all the LGBTQ New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19 especially our friends and family living with HIV and AIDS.

 LGBTQ Community Center in New York City continues to adapt to meet the needs of the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

See Project Here : “To Ascend, to

Cover image for the Spring 2021 issue of Forum Magazine – San Fransisco

“Η Χαρακιά” “A Video Poetry Project” for Covid Awareness.

See Project Here: “Η Χαρακιά

Interview for iFocus – Συνέντευξη για το iFocus



TITLE: The Hat

“The Hat” is a self-portrait series that represents my inner fight for understanding and evolving myself.
“The Hat” is a symbol of protection.
It helps keeping my thoughts and feelings in a safe, sterilized place away from outer disturbance and noise.
It also acts as a protective shield for the people that surround me, keeping them away from my false thinking and inner distresses, until my doubts and troubles are ultimately cleared and resolved.

Photographic Contest Celebrating Woman’s day March, 8.

Selected Photograph for the final Exhibition at ifocus gallery (https://www.ifocus.gr/)

and the Photovision 2019 (https://photovision.gr/) at the Helexpo Center, Athens, 2019.

Project Concerning personal view of Athenian life
Group Exhibition at the Gazi Cultural Area coordinated by Platon Rivellis and the Μunicipality of Athens, 2019

Personal Artistic Conceptual Exhibition.
Project concerning the stillness of mind and thought to an outer stimulus at a specific space and time.
Invited and hosted by Mutiny Radio – San Fransisco CA, 2019

Project Concerning Architectural View Of Athens
One Minute B&W Artistic/Architectural Video
Benaki Museum – Athens, 2018


Annual Photographic Project “Feelings”

Vault Theatre – Athens, 2017-2018

Project concerning awareness for mental illnesses
Group exhibition at the Katakouzenos Museum – Athens, 2015

Open road exhibition
Municipality of Athens, 2013

Nominations & Awards

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